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Wadjda (2013)
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Writer / Director Haifaa Al-Mansour, despite the terrible consequences of a bicycle race challenge to a neighbor boy Wadjda (Waad Mohammed), a daughter of 10 years old, stubborn, a director with his first work produced. Wadjda mother refuses to buy him a bike as a defiant young girl to earn money to have to buy a Quran reading competitions entered. Once Wadjda your bike, and the rest of the girls are so good at the bicycle race is proof that his young friend Abdullah. But not everyone is a girl who refuses to play by the rules of society is willing to accept and closer to their goal Wadjda, gender depth knowledge of category growth.

Wadjda (2013)-Free-full-Movie-Download-and-Free-Full-Movie-Watch-Online :

Movie Rating – 3.2/5

Genre – Drama

98 min – run-time.

Date Posted – 13/09/2013

Status – In Theatres

Distributor – Sony, Sony Pictures Classics

Language – English

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