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The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)
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Legendary martial arts Jackie Chan and Jet Lee, time travel director Rob Mink wandering into a pawn shop and find out later ancient China transported for the first time on the Monkey King fable that finds a American teenager on the screen at the same time stick fight in the king. Once the adventure of tin costs of their imprisoned king swore free kick, the one army of fierce warriors. The king is as unrealistic and Lee plays the role of a silent monk, and the role of Chan Kung Fu Master Lu Yan. The famous action choreographer Yen Woo Ping Discusses chairs.

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MPA Rating – 3.8/5

Genre – Action

105 min- run-time.

Date Posted – 04/18/2008

DVD Release Date – 09/09/2008

Distributor – Lionsgate

Director – Rob Minkoff

Starring – Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Collin Chou, Liu Yifei, Li Bingbing

Thread – Brave saves, time travel, heroic mission, fish out of water

Tone – fantasy, humor, lighting, stylized, tense

Keywords – China King, rescue, time travel

Language – English, Chinese