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Seventh Son (2014)
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Long passed will rekindle broken out of the war among supernatural forces of evil and humanity once again. John Gregory (Jeff Bridges), a ghost, mighty centuries ago evil witch Mother Makin (Julianne Moore), who have imprisoned a man in the fight the darkness. But now he is escaped and seeks revenge. Each incarnation of his disciples call, Mother Makin prepares for an unsuspecting world to launch his terrible wrath. One is on his way: John Gregory. In a fatal encounter, Gregory face to face with evil is still terrified of returning day. Unlike the other, a black magic against his new apprentice, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) Training: You have until the next full moon now usually takes years, not only did. This is the seventh son of a seventh son only hope of man. Characters, places and history, edited and with a very low similarity inspired with their counterparts in the novel, the story is loosely through the book….

Seventh Son (2014)-Full-Movie-Download-Watch-Online-Free info:

Movie rating- 3.9/5

Genre- Fantasy

Theatrical Release Date- 16/02/2014

Distributor- Warner Bros

Director- Sergei Bodrov

Music- Tuomas Kantelinen

Editing- Paul Rubell

Starring- Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander, Kandyse McClure

Topics- witches, Discovery Heritage One, magicians and wizards

Tone- Atmospheric, fantastic

Keywords- beginner, son, knights, magic, revenge, Assistant

Language- English

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