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Oldboy (2003)
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South Korean director Park Chan-unishment and revenge wok directed this violent history and unusual. Oh Die-Su (Choir Min-sick) is a husband and father whose reputation for womanizing is well known. One day, he does not understand why Oh, Die-Su also what his crime, and that his captors may with every thought, have lain locked in a prison cell. His only connection to the outside world and fry the only means of subsistence livelihood and a small TV with a daily ration Oh, meatballs Die-your problem to keep your mind and body intact, but when he died with a message to his wife learns, was a pair of chopsticks on a long and difficult project of digging an escape tunnel begins. Before the end-and after 15 years behind bars-Oh Die-His was closed with little explanation, is published, and soon he is a bum and a cell phone provided by the cover. Emotionally stunted but physically strong after 15 years in prison Oh, Die-do, what happened, to unravel his wife and daughter, his hair, and the best way to take revenge on his captors, who is responsible for the fight for the secrets are obtained.

Oldboy (2003) info:

Movie ratting- 3.9/5

Genre- Drama, Thriller

118 min- run-time

Date Posted- 03/25/2003

DVD Release Date- 08/23/2005

Status- In Theatres

Distributor- Tartan Films

Director – Park Chan-wook

Starring- Choi Min-Sik, Gang Hye-Jeong, Yoo Ji-Tae

Topic- Brain, haunted by the past, revenge

Tone- hallucinatory, disbelief, stylized, tense, shrill, Macabre

Keywords- Korea [nationality], girls prison, the man, the mystery [Puzzle], past, present, reward, search, torture

Language- Korean

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