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Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear (2013)
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Everything and no one believes that this is due to the violence of his life after the martial arts master Casey Bowman (Scott Adkins) shaken by the code of survival is an act of wild family happiness. Your friends Nakabara (Kane Mahasweta) with the help of the U.S. fear trains its answer for the search for justice for the murder of his wife, his fighting skills of the student. Casey is on his mission of revenge, without a trace, but when it caught its prey, even those closest to him in an unexpected twist, seeing it as the enemy forces. Worthy of the name in the final showdown, Casey Ninjas, reflect on his teaching to an invisible warrior….

Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear (2013)-Full-Movie-Download-Watch-Online-Free info:

Movie rating- 3.7/5

Genre- Action

Duration- 94 min

Theatrical Release Date- 31/12/2013

DVD Release Date- 31/12/2013

Distributor- Millennium Entertainment

Director- Isaac Florentine

Music- Logan Mader

Editing- Irit Raz

Starring- Scott Adkins, Mahasweta Kane, Tim Man, Mika Hijii, Vithaya Pansringarm

Language- English

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