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Nanny McPhee (2005)
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Children are much more effective as a nanny for children Christianna Brand “Nurse Matilda ” books are on a short break in this fantastic comedy, which is based the way they behave . Near the beginning of the twentieth century , Mr. Brown ( Colin Firth ) , to take care of her litter of seven children care business Undertaker , of course, is a widower. Brown children and their parents to their children with the nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) , who help organize individually naughty succeeded much of the 17 different nannies hunting. McPhee is an strange looking woman with a large nose , protruding teeth, and pock-marked skin , but the kids have magical powers and use them to help keep in line, do not be afraid , do not realize ahead of time. ” Please ” , so to hear something for the children and their parents, but they have now taken with McPhee ‘s insistence , it is clear that everyone has to worry about the big things . Aunt Adelaide ( Angela Lansbury ) in one month can not find Mr. Brown , a new wife, while she ( was forced Celia Imrie ) under the custody of the children and cut the legacy of Brown and Brown and the widow Mrs. seems be liked by others, the court has no jurisdiction , it will not be able to confirm seems to be the altar. Brown Children realize Nanny McPhee is a formidable opponent , but when it ‘s good that children use their talents as a valuable ally , perhaps to learn a good performance , discovered that starts to seem less scary. Emma Thompson, who played the title role in Nanny McPhee, also wrote the screenplay.

Nanny McPhee (2005)-Free-full-Movie-Download-and-Free-Full-Movie-Watch-Online :

Movie Rating – 3.9/5

Genre – Comedy , Family

98 min – run time

Date Posted – 2005.01.27

DVD Release Date – 05/09/2006

Distributor – Universal

Director – Kirk Jones

Starring – Emma Thompson , Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury , Kelly Macdonald, Patrick Barlow

Theme – Children playing , workers and employers , nannies and caregivers

Tone – humorous, bizarre , extravagant

Keywords – education of children, parents , housekeeper , Nanny McPhee, widow /

Language – English