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Jerusalem Countdown (2011)
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Time for a war against Israel and Iran supports main FBI Agent Shane Daughterly (David AR White) race in the United States are smuggled, and trigger Armageddon sees what evidence the seven nuclear weapons as well. Former arms dealer (Lee Majors), a former Mossed agent freethinkers (Stacy Each) and no-nonsense CIA Deputy Director (Randy Travis), you can use the device to find the volatile agents Daughterly, and to avoid detonated in U.S. territory . Adopted from the novel by James Hager.

Jerusalem Countdown (2011) info:

Movie Rating- 3.4/5

Genre- Drama

85 min- run time

Date Posted- 08/26/2011

DVD Release Date- 04/17/2012

Director- Harold Cronk

Starring- David AR White, Lee Majors, Jaci Velasquez, Stacy Keach, Randy Travis

Topic- Race Against Time, heroic mission

Tone- angry, tense

Keywords- FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Iran, Israel, the agent [President], war, weapons – Shops

Language- English

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