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If You Build It (2014)
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Director “pun” and “IOUSA” is a fascinating look at a radically innovative approach to education look. “If you build it, they will both in their communities and help their careers with students from local schools in rural Bertie County, the poorest county in North Carolina, from designer-and activist Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller on interest rates on loans. payments solid school board battles, Pilloton and Miller is a large-scale design throughout the year and take their students through and there is only so much to basic skills for building learning project: the design of the ten shown young people-but not only reinvented it is possible to make sense of their own thoughts in their city…

If You Build It (2014)-Full-Movie-Download-Watch-Online-Free info:

Movie rating- 3.4/5

Genre- Documentary, Special Interest

Duration- 85 min

Theatrical Release Date- 10/01/2014

DVD Release Date- 11/07/2014

Distributor- Total station

Director- Patrick Creadon

Keywords- architecture, building, community, construction, design, education, school

Language- English

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