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Hotel Rwanda (2004)
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Hotel Rwanda, Hut extremists in the Tutsi in Rwanda (the possibility of leaving Belgian colonists), hundreds of thousands of genocide, when a terrible campaign the most hideously ugly events in recent history, which includes the rest of the world, not nothing. Don Headless Paul Ruses, Kigali in fancy Les Millers Collins hotel, the hotel manager. Paul is a Hut in Rwanda and fat smooth functioning of life at all levels, efficient connections, which is a very successful businessperson. His wife, Tatiana (Sophie Mooned of São Flux), is a Tutsi. Harassed and beaten use his influence to help the committee, but they have to be since Paul with increasing frequency in the local market Tutsi Paul, he created his own political capital is used to help the family. Soon the violence escalates, the Hut and the Tutsi genocide. European customers and hotel employees were transported out of the country, and Paul is on the left. The murderer is innocent in his conscience, and it was not long before the hotel was a well-equipped campsite cannot see it of coarse. Paul has his life is in danger, it is considered a traitor, and their “customers” of the situation is more precarious every day, but a journalist (Joaquin Phoenix), despite the good intentions of Colonel peacekeeping nations united (Nick Note), the rest of the world does not want to intervene and stop the slaughter.

Hotel Rwanda (2004) info:

Movie rating- 4.0/5

Genre- Drama, War

121 min- run-time

Date Posted- 12/22/2004

DVD Release Date- 04/12/2005

Distributor- MGM / UA

Director- Terry George

Starring- Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo, Joaquin Phoenix, Nick Nolte, Jean Reno

Topic- wounded refugees unlikely hero recovery

Tone- loosen tight, intimate, visceral, serious, energetic

Keywords- Rwanda, United Nations – Civil War, colonialism, genocide, hotels, massacres, reporter

Language- English