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Frankenstein (1931)
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The Mary Shelley classic tale of tragedy and horror are the final version of the film to judge, Frankenstein actor Boris Karloff a star unknown character and make a new icon of terror. Very successful Dracula, released earlier the same year she launched the golden age of horror films of 1930 Universal Studios. Created, the size of the film by director James Whale in its entirety, but sadly less designed on his screenplay of the atmosphere with all electrical appliances by Kenneth Herman Rosse knitting yarn memorable designs, particularly the fantastic watchtower laboratory, makeup artist Find creature brand Jack Pierce, the unique books greed to approach the monster makeup and heavy asphalt shoes required Karloff to Karloff and nuanced performance as the tormented and bewildered creature created don. Edward Van Sloan advises the faint hearted Frankenstein, who left the theater immediately Knight universal warning was added in the first version of their screams, moans and was received with dismay. If they do not, “Well … we warned.” Director James Whale in unforgettable Oscar-winning 1998 biotic Gods and Monsters is played by Ian McKellen.

Frankenstein (1931)-Full-Movie-Download-Watch-Online-Free info:

Movie rating- 3.9/5

Genre- Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Duration- 71 min

Theatrical Release Date- 11/21/1931

DVD Release Date- 17/08/1999

Distributor- Universal

Director- James Whale

Music- Bernhard Kaun

Editing- Clarence Kolster, Maurice Pivar

Starring- Colin Clive, Boris Karloff, Mae Clarke, John Boles, Dwight Frye

Subject- Perform crazy technology gone mad science experiments

Tones- sad, scary, spooky, goth, macabre, atmospheric, dark

Keywords- test, kill, love, rebirth, revenge, village, Frankenstein, the body – parts, mad scientists, giant uproar, Run Science – rails

Budget- 262,007$

Box office- 12,000,000$

Language- English

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