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Diamond Dogs (2007)
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A group of adventurers American forces on their understanding is essential to its mission, priceless treasure in the mountains of China and a former officer who tries to help a former American Patriot people. The history of the Soviet Union suppressed the 1930s, the beginning will be. Called Thangka Buddhist artifacts smuggled across the border with China, and the secret is hidden in the mountains. Gold inlaid diamond decoration textiles only by your wildest dreams, that the rich around the world for an adventure when a group of fearless adventurers, rumors can travel worth $ 50 million. But the audacity of hope Thangka back to life in a house if you are going to need help to be recovered, so Xander Ronson (Dolph Lundgren), the former American patriots in search of inner experience – the journey to Mongolia.

Diamond Dogs (2007)-Free-full-Movie-Download-and-Free-Full-Movie-Watch-Online :

MA Ratting – 2.5/5

Genre – Action

94 min – run-time.

DVD Release Date – 04/29/2008

Director – Samuel Shimon Dotan Dolhasca

Starring – Dolph Lundgren

Topic – priceless artifacts and values

Tone – Black

Keywords – diaspora, hunters, mercenaries, Schatzberg

Language – English

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